Secretagogue Hgh Plus Side Effects


Secretagogue Hgh Plus Side Effects


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Do you know what a secretagogue is?

Secretagogue is a fancy word for growth hormone releasing compound. Secretagogues are based on the fact that recent medical research has revealed that aging pituitary cells can still secrete just as much HGH as someone in their 20′s if they are adequately stimulated to do so. This astounding discovery is the basis of the new and upcoming prescription secretagogogues; as well as the now available natural secretagogues.

Secretagogue Hgh Plus Side Effects

Recent research into the effectiveness of HGH releasers or Secretagogue has lead several pharmaceutical companies to look into the growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH).

The only prescription GHRH presently approved by the FDA is Geref, manufactured by Serono Laboratories. At the present time Geref is actually more costly than regular prescription HGH injections, costing over a $1,000 a month, and putting it well out of reach of most people.

The exciting news is that all natural secretagogues are proving to be quite effective and cost over 90% less than the prescription secretagogue alternatives.

The Findings:

Natural secretagoues or HGH Releasers use a variety of special amino acids and pituitary peptides to cause the human body to release its own dormant HGH. HGH Secretagogues seems to be a more natural and rational approach, since they stimulate the endocrine axis at a higher level, causing the body to release human growth hormone naturally on its own.

In contrast prescription HGH injections are adding synthetic human growth hormone directly into the blood stream. This method obviously increases HGH in the body, but doesn’t do it in a natural way, and does not stimulate the body to release more HGH on its own; plus the side effects of prescription HGH appears to be much worse than natural secretagogues.

Secretagogue Hgh Plus Side Effects


Secretagogues are not based on pumping the body up with synthetic HGH, but with releasing HGH from its dormant state in the pituitary gland itself.

According to researchers, these cutting edge natural secretagogues may have the ability to more closely mimic the body’s youthful HGH secretion patterns than any other therapies previously available.

Studies are indeed showing that HGH with Secretagogues can directly effective the aging process and all issues that come with aging. Even newer studies are formulating the idea that the proper usage of HGH can slow down and possibly stop the aging process. How many of us would like to stop growing old TODAY?


Secretagogue Hgh Plus Side Effects


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