HGH Side Effects

Human Growth Hormone is the topic of much debate and research throughout the centuries can be found in the seed of an idea: the reacquisition of youthful qualities. The 21st century is increasing past efforts, spending countless dollars on the development of products to help a youth obsessed society turn back the signs of time.

What is HGH

HGH or human growth hormone is the naturally occurring hormone responsible for growth and development of the body. The hormone is secreted and produced by pituitary gland that is located at the brain’s base, just behind the eyes. The normal growth is actually dependant on accurate secretion of the hormone. While growth and development of the body serves to be the most crucial HGH function in childhood, but as the time passes and the individual enters adulthood, the hormone then plays a crucial role in the immunity system performance.

Why HGH is Needed?

The advantages of using the HGH Energizer supplement include the following.

  • •    Provides the necessary nutrients to give you back the youth and vigour of your earlier days.
  • •    This is an all natural product of herbs, no articifcal ingredients or man made one.
  • •    It is so successful in helping people to attain a performance advantage that it is banned by professional athletic organizations and the Olympics.
  • •    There are no known side effects of taking this supplement.
  • •    It has been shown to help older men loss fat.
  • •    It has been proven to help increase muscle mass in older men.
  • •    It can help stimulate tissue repair.
  • •    It has helped to stimulate cell replacement.
  • •    It improves enzyme function.
  • •    It has been approved to help those with AIDs to improve their health and increase their energy level.

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The increasing popularity of various forms of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, means millions of people are using this essential hormone to improve their lives. There are dangers to using HGH, however, that some people aren’t aware of. These effects can lead to potentially serious illnesses or irreversible damage to the heart. Does this mean you should never use HGH? Not at all; it simply means that you need to be an informed, educated consumer before deciding what form of HGH is right for you and whether you may develop sideeffects.

Precautions and Interactions

Along with its many benefits, however, Arginine supplementation may come with few risks as well. That is why close monitoring by a qualified professional is required with its use.
Naturally, the US FDA does not regulate herbal supplements and vitamins strictly. With that fact out, we can never be sure of the strength, purity, or safety of the product with Arginine you are using. The only way you can measure whether the effects are favorable to your case or not is by having your progress checked by a medical professional.


Here are the main side effects reported from the use of "artificial" HGH augmentation:

  • •    Hypoglycaemia (abnormally low blood sugar levels carrying a risk of diabetic coma)
  • •    Glucose intolerance/ diabetes mellitus (abnormally high blood sugar levels)
  • •    Thyroid dysfunction
  • •    Acromegaly (irreversible)
  • •    Cardiomegaly (heart enlargement that may be irreversible)
  • •    Heart injury (precipitating heart failure or heart attack)
  • •    Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • •    Premature aging/death (with particular reference to that brought on by acromegaly)
  • •    Edema (water retention resulting in swelling of body parts)
  • •    Skin thickening
  • •    Excessive hair growth (hirsutism)
  • •    Liver injury
  • •    Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

It should be noted that quite a few of these effects are direct results of extended "artificial" administration of Human Growth Hormone by way of such methods as injection, sub-lingual spraying, and ingestion of capsules, and are irreversible, that is, cannot be amended or cured. A few of these effects can bring on mortal afflictions and can cut short a person’s life.

Categorized by age groupings, hyper-production of HGH is generally divided into two groups:

1- Excess HGH In Children
Abnormally high HGH secretion in children (a very rare condition usually caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland) can afflict a youngster with gigantism. This condition can result in "giant children" with preternaturally tall bodies. It is also known to cause certain other health issues.

2- Excess HGH In Adults
In grown-ups, some disorders (e.g., neoplasms) can result in excessive secretion of HGH post-pubescently, and even as this has scant effect on skeletal (bone) growth, it can cause an affliction called acromegaly (aberrant, uncontrolled growth of bones in the face, hands, and feet).

Constructive Side Effects

The major constructive side effect of HGH is that it assists in constructing muscle bulk, bone thickness, lessen body fat, and aid the heart’s extracting action. It can also make the frame of mind of lots of individuals better. HGH is also excellent for people that possess difficulties with atrophied muscles attributed to ailments like HIV or for kids with kidney malfunction and Turner’s syndrome who had been bed-ridden for a lengthy period.

Harmful Side Effects
Human growth hormone is extremely harmful for healthy individuals when compared to those who require it for medical purposes. The harmful side effects of HGH consist of enlargement of the heart, hypertension, solidifying of the arteries, chest pains, soreness and distended joints because of fluid preservation, carpal tunnel syndrome, terrible headaches, diabetes and bizarre enlargements on the bones or internal organs. The other forms of less serious side effects of HGH are nausea, loose stools and symptoms-like flu.

Possible Allergic Reactions to HGH
There are also some people who are allergic to HGH. Not similar to other side effects, which develop in due time, allergic responses occur right away. The allergic reactions include hives, itchiness of the skin, breathing troubles and feeling of chest or throat squeezing. Once these happen, you have to go to the hospital right away.

Musculoskeletal discomfort

Around 50% of people who just started using HGH treatments feel mild to moderate musculoskeletal discomfort and about 25% are subjected to some fluid retention and swelling of the hands and feet. However, these side effects diminish after the body has become adapted to the treatment. And because of these things, some people have got to discontinue taking HGH.

When amino acid-based HGH is used by people who have diabetes and cancer, and women who are pregnant or lactating, the side effects would be fluid retention, high blood pressure, joint paint and carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to that, people who are suffering from cancer should not have HGH treatment because it may possibly promote the growth of active tumors.  Other possible side effects include nausea, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, chest pain, enlarged heart or kidneys, onset of diabetes, hypoglycemia, stiff muscles and joints, nightmares, fatigue, tenderness or pain at the site of injection, vocal cord thickening, osteoporosis, and heat intolerance.

To stress the point, most of these side effects take place when there is an excessive intake of HGH which is more than what the body could process.  Be mindful to always consult the doctor before starting any of these HGH treatments because some people may show allergic reactions to these treatments and they manifest in conditions like tightness in the chest or throat, chest pain, skin rash or hives, or swollen or itchy skin.

Taking Some Words of Warning

There are lots of fake HGH products achievable online, on the street and even on health food stores. HGH is considered regulated in majority of countries, but because of the demand, lots of businesses or secretive laboratories are trying to come up with HGH products that are counterfeited and will most likely amass your money as well as put you in the hospital. Aside from that, there is still no concrete proof that HGH can hold back the process of aging.

Does Everyone Experience HGH Side Effects?

It’s important to remember that not everyone experiences any side effects when using HGH. The severity and likelihood of side effects also depends on what form of HGH you are using and how often you use it. The longer you use HGH and the more intense the dosage, the more likely it is that you may have an adverse reaction.
Those who receive daily injections from a medical doctor, for instance, may be more likely to experience HGH side effects because they are receiving a high concentration of Human Growth Hormone injected directly into their body. If the pituitary gland is already producing some HGH, adding so much from an outside source could put stress on the liver and other body systems, which is why injections must be carefully monitored by a physician.

To Conclude

HGH supplements help stimulate the pituitary glands to generate more of this growth hormone by taking homeopathic supplementation in the form of GH and GH releasers or by helping the liver to generate more growth cells. People suffering from diabetes or for that matter people who are on the borderline of diabetes, children as well as teenagers who have not completed their bone growth are advised against the use of these supplements as GH releasers are based on amino acids which are not suitable for them. Even pregnant and lactating women and cancer patients are also refrained from using GH releasers.

As everyone’s body works differently, some will see and feel the effects of HGH sooner than will others. It is recommended by the makers of HGH to take the human growth hormone supplement for a minimum of three months in order to feel the effects fully. There are people that have reported in the first couple of weeks of use that they are experiencing a more restful sleep, lean muscle mass has increased and over the course of the three months, they are seeing a significant decrease in body fat.